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The spirit of HoneyLove Architecture & Gardening exists as the elemental value of life and our connection to nature.  We believe that, to be a self-sustaining society, it is necessary to co-exist with our surrounding environment - including the plants and animals with whom we share this world. We also recognize that there are many challenges and complexities that come with balancing our innate need for survival and desire for an improved quality of life with that of consciously caring for our environment. We have faith such a balance can be achieved.  Our goal is to help those who want to achieve that balance in their own lives. We want to re-define gardening.  We see a future in which architecture and gardening artfully blend to advance our health, improve our quality of life, and foster a relationship with our natural environment. Indeed, we are on a mission - and that mission is simple.  Be part of the solution.  We're calling it the HoneyLove solution.


We strive to... ... co-exist with our surroundings. As individuals, one of the most powerful ways we can positively affect the health of our planet and its other inhabitants is to choose to reduce our dependency on factory farms and industrial agriculture.  This can be done by anybody, one meal at a time.  We at HoneyLove Architecture & Gardening focus specifically on bringing nature in people's every day lives.  Our actions involve creating spaces at homes and within our communities where gardening is practical, affordably feasible, and attractive. ... engage with the community. Knowledge.  Tools.  Time.  Resources.  Support system.  Regardless of your goal, these five elements together are necessary for long-term success.  We know that small choices can have large effects but that present-time decisions can sometimes override concerns for the future - especially if one or more of these five pieces are missing. Our aim is to continnually challenge ourselves and our fans to find ways to make each of these five pieces attainable for those in need. ... find and share the truth.  Our media is convoluted with contradictory information regarding our health, needs, and even our impact on the environment.  It's easy to be confused.  Further, its difficult to understand what all the jargon means or how it applies to us in our own lives.  We attempt to seek out the research, real life examples, and other types of facts.  Present the information we find.  Decipher them.  Then include possible applications and consequences.  All while trying to be aware of what might be our own personal judgements - then excluding those judgements from our presentations.  
  • Rose

    Just a note to let you know we were very pleased with your service.

    Janet D. (Minneapolis)
  • Russ Fence

    Knowledgeable and reliable.  Job completed when expected.  Thanks.

    Russ T. (Minneapolis)
  • susan rose

    Absolutely love the new plantings.  The rose bushes look amazing against the trellis!

    Susan R. (New Hope)
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To accomplish great things we must not only act, but dream.  Not only plan, but also believe.

- Anatole France

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