The Advantages of Raised Bed Gardening
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The Advantages of Raised Bed Gardening

There are many ways to garden, but how do you know which one is the best for you? In this article we will go over one of the most popular forms of gardening - raised bed gardening.

It has many benefits and it works well for people who have:

  • A desire to get better plant production
  • Limited space of which to garden with
  • Limited time to put towards upkeep and watering
  • Special mobility needs
  • A need for better animal and bug protection



Better Plant Production

healthy soil

- Better Soil - When you use a raised garden bed one of the biggest benefits is that you get to control the soil you put in it. When you plant straight into the ground you have to cater to the soil that is already there and a lot of the time the soil is far from ideal. This way when you add your soil to a raised bed you know exactly what is in it and then tweak it for certain plants you are growing.

- Longer Growing Season - With a raised bed garden your soil is above the ground and thusly it warms quicker than usual. This means that you can plant earlier and harvest later in the year without the threat of frost killing your plants. When you have to deal with a long Minnesota winter this extra growing time is very valuable.

There are also physical additions you can add to the raised bed to extend the growing season. HoneyLove Architecture & Gardening is happy to be able to provide additions like a greenhouse dome, sub-irrigation system, climbing trellises, as well as many other tools that can improve your plant production and gardening success.



Protection from un-wanted animals and bugs

fenced in raised garden_1

Elevated raised garden beds that stand at waist height are very effective for fending off unwanted animals and bugs. Since they are off the ground it makes it hard for ground dwelling animals and bugs to get at your plants.

If you have a regular raised bed garden that is sitting on the ground you can consider attaching a fence structure for protection. HoneyLove Architecture & Gardening provides a fence addition that can be easily installed to protect your plants or you can create your own in various ways.

Personally, I have found that it is much easier to attach a fence to a raised bed garden than to install one in the ground. When you put a fence in the ground you need to bury it about 3-6 inches so that animals can’t dig underneath. With a raised bed garden you just need to attach it to the sides of that garden and no burying needed. This is a major time and back saver.


A great way to grow vegetables

root veggies

Raised bed gardens are especially useful for those of us who enjoy vegetable gardening. In addition to the better crop production and the pest deterrents, another benefit is that you can always make them taller and add more soil to be able to grow any type of root vegetable. If you only have a standard 1 foot tall raised bed you still have lots of options. As long as you have roughly 12 inches of soil you can grow lots of root vegetables like carrots, radishes and potatoes.


 Easily turned into a square foot garden

sq foot

Raised bed gardens are easily turned into a square foot garden. This is particularly useful if you are new to gardening. Just section off your garden in 1x1 foot squares and use this as you spacing to plant different vegetables or flowers.

You can also very easily make a themed square foot garden. For instance you can grow all the plants needed to make salsa all in one raised garden bed sectioned off into square foot divisions. The possibilities are vast and utilizing square foot gardening makes it easy to keep things organized in your garden.


Elevated raised bed gardening makes it easier for people with special mobility needs


Gardening is physical work.  If you have difficulty bending over, kneeling or doing other strenuous activity it can make gardening quite challenging. Raised bed gardens can help solve some of these problems by elevating the garden bed up to waist level or higher.  For those with different mobility needs, this can make a world of difference and allows anyone to experience the joy of gardening.




They Look beautiful

raised bed 2

All types of gardens have the ability to look amazing but there is something about the look of a nice raised bed garden that makes them very attractive. One of my favorite factors in using a raised bed garden is the ability to have different levels and make three dimensional spaces. This can come in handy if you are trying to create semi-shaded areas so you can grow cool weather plants throughout the entire summer.









HoneyLove Architecture & Gardening supports all types of gardening. There is really no wrong way to do it. It is dependent on what resources you have to work with and your personal style. We firmly believe that if you so desire gardening can be a wonderful part of your life and we are here to help you achieve that.

Be part of the HoneyLove solution and start a garden this summer. You will be happy you did.



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